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If you find yourself with one or more missing teeth, Lindsten Dentistry may recommend a dental bridge as a solution. To shed light on what this entails, we’ve crafted a concise guide to bridges.

Understanding the Purpose of a Bridge
Loss of teeth can stem from various factors like periodontal disease, injury, or extraction, potentially leading to teeth shifting and bite changes. A dental bridge serves to fill the void left by missing teeth, preventing such shifts and safeguarding gums from damage or disease. Whether removable or fixed, a bridge comprises one or more replacement teeth anchored to neighboring teeth for stability, ensuring your oral health and function remain intact.

Guidance through the Process
Typically, the bridge procedure spans two visits. At your initial appointment, we’ll prepare the adjacent teeth and take impressions to craft a customized bridge accurately fitting your mouth. While the permanent bridge is fabricated, we may furnish a temporary one to shield your teeth and gums. Upon your second visit, we’ll affix your tailor-made bridge, ensuring a comfortable fit through any necessary adjustments. We’ll also outline a follow-up plan to maintain the bridge’s integrity over time.

Maintaining Your Bridge
Sustain the cleanliness and integrity of your bridge by adhering to a routine of twice-daily brushing and daily flossing. If your bridge is removable, store it in water or utilize denture cleaning solutions during sleep. For detailed instructions on bridge care, don’t hesitate to consult our team.

Restoring Functionality with Bridges
Bridges not only restore the aesthetic and functional aspects of your mouth but also promote oral health longevity. Should you be grappling with missing teeth, schedule an appointment with Lindsten Dentistry for a comprehensive examination. We’ll assess your candidacy for a dental bridge and guide you through the process, ensuring your smile retains its brilliance and functionality.

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